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  • 1 Bedroom

    1 Bedroom

    Diamond Villa Homes 1 bedroom home is the perfect choice for home owners wishing to provide for a retiree, as…

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  • 2 Bedroom

    2 Bedroom

    Our 2 Bedroom Homes are designed to be spacious and free standing. They are built to give you the feel…

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  • 3 Bedroom

    3 Bedroom

    The 3 Bedroom Home is a great home giving you tranquil experience in your very own backyard. The home is…

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  • 4 Bedroom

    4 Bedroom

    Our 4 Bedroom home living is a great idea for a small family. We provide value for money while still…

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  • Cabins


    Diamond Villa Homes also offer a selection of affordable, high quality Cabins and Offices.

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